The King's Mother by Annie Garthwaite (hardback)

The King's Mother by Annie Garthwaite (hardback)

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Published July 11th but available for pre order now

The King’s Mother : Four mothers fight for their sons as the Wars of the Roses rage

With energy and ambition this novel takes us from the Wars of the Roses to the dawn of the Tudor age – and tells the story of those era-defining wars through the eyes of four women who shaped and suffered them.

Cecily Neville – King’s Mother

Marguerite of Anjou – deposed Queen

Elizabeth Woodville – betrayed wife

Margaret Beaufort – mother to an exiled son

Reading from The King’s Mother Annie will describe all that these women did and were driven to do to win the crown for their sons and become King’s Mother themselves. “This,” Annie says, “is a story of mothers and sons; of maternal ferocity and female ambition – and of all the terror that families can inflict upon themselves.”

And, by focusing on what these women wanted, suffered, knew and did, The King’s Mother gives us a fresh take on some of English history’s most enduring mysteries: Was Edward IV’s marriage bigamous and his children bastards? Why did he order the execution of his brother George, years after forgiving his treason? And did Richard III murder his brother’s children, the Princes in the Tower? The women were there – and they know the truth.