Be More Japan by DK Eyewitness  (hardback)

Be More Japan by DK Eyewitness (hardback)

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Be More Japan is a celebration of all things Japanese. You can look through popular sights and pick and choose what interests you to plan your perfect trip. Or take a trip through everything to get the whole experience of Japan.

Whether you use Be More Japan as a travel guide or to help you learn more about the Japanese culture. Be More Japan helps you understand and experience the best of Japan, both at home and abroad. For those who can’t make the trip to Japan or who want to carry on the experience when they return, this book also has useful tips and suggestions for how to bring Japanese culture to you, and places where you can see its influence around the world.

With this book you can: -Learn about the traditional skills of the tea ceremony and calligraphy-Dive into the captivating culture of Japan with topics such as art, music, food, wellness and innovation-Find details on topics such as transport, karaoke, ikigai, shopping and hot springs to help you make the most of your trip to Japan

Revised and updated, and with each page alive with facts, history, and inspiration, Be More Japan unlocks the secrets behind modern Japanese living - whether you're eating sushi in London or enjoying the cherry blossoms in San Francisco. And if you're dreaming of a future trip to Japan, this book will get you closer to your destination before you've departed.