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Wolds Way Lavender - Soothing Muscle Rub 120ml

Wolds Way Lavender - Soothing Muscle Rub 120ml

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This Soothing Muscle rub is subtle yet restoring. Let the properties of our Lavender Essential Oil, our Liquid Gold, diminish underlying stress and tension. Use regularly to ease muscular stiffness and general aches and pains

The Wolds Way Collection contains 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil, lovingly grown and distilled on the local family farm near Rillington. The wood-fired distillery produces the unique lavender oil they proudly call their 'Liquid Gold.'

Directions for use;  Gently massage a small amount of our Soothing Muscle Rub into the affected areas. Work in with your hands and let the therapeutic properties of the lavender help to relieve your aches and pains.

Lavender Essential Oil:

The key ingredient in this Muscle Rub is the 100% Pure Wolds Way Lavender Essential Oil. Pure English.

100% Pure Wolds Way Lavender Essential Oil is extracted from the home grown lavender. The traditional steam distillation method is used to extract the oil. 

The distillery at Wolds Way Lavender is unique, as it is the only wood-fired steam distillery in the country. Wolds Way are the only Lavender Farm in the North of England to distil Lavender Essential Oil.

In the distillation process, lavender is cut and collected from the fields using  their own specially designed lavender harvester. It is then brought in from the fields via a miniature railway. The freshly cut lavender is hand loaded into the distillation vat. A large kettle sits over the wood fire. It takes around and hour from lighting the fire Steam for steam to be produced. The steam is then passed through the lavender to evaporate the lavender essential oil. The steam and evaporated oil pass through a condenser which cools them back down to a liquid. Approximately 700 English Lavender Angustifolia plants are needed to produce 1 litre of 100% Pure Wolds Way Lavender Essential Oil. “liquid gold”.