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Guinea Pig Egg Cup  (Multi) by Quail

Guinea Pig Egg Cup (Multi) by Quail

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Cute Guinea Pig ceramic egg cup - charming and unusual.

Quail Ceramics is a British company with a long tradition of designing and making distinctive and stylish pieces for the table and display.

Everything is designed in the UK and many of the originals are made in the Midlands by traditional ceramicists and then working very closely with a small number of family businesses in Thailand and Sri Lanka who do the firing and hand painting.

 Quail devote an enormous amount of time to getting the detail right with their skilled craftspeople valuing and cherishing the relationships they have developed and this really shows in the finished product.

At Kemps we usually carry a significant range of Quail ceramics but as all collectables sometimes pieces are hard to find. Please let us know if we can help you source what you are looking for.