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Kemps on the Coast

Our sister store, Kemps on the Coast is the perfect excuse to visit the beautiful Whitby. You'll find us at:

10 Grape Lane
YO22 4BA

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Other things to see when you visit Kemps on the Coast!

The seaside resort of Whitby is one of the most picturesque towns in England. Your eyes will be drawn to the dramatic 7th century ruined abbey perched on the east cliff, then to the maze of red-roofed cottages descending towards the coast.

As you find the shoreline, you’ll gaze out to the dramatic North Sea, dramatically framed by the twin piers.

The views are a strong enough reason to visit. But our wonderful home has much more to offer.

Whitby for Foodies

Andrew Pern, founder of the Michelin-starred The Star Inn Harome opened The Harbour in June 2017. Based in the former tourist information center beside Whitby Harbour, the restaurant is an essential destination for foodies nationwide. The menu offers freshly caught fish and world famous North Yorkshire Moors produce.

No trip to Whitby would be complete without visiting Fortune’s kipper shop, who have been smoking kippers since 1872. The smokehouse is located towards the end of the narrow cobbled Henrietta Street, beyond the famous 199 steps which lead up to Whitby Abbey. The distinctive aroma of oak wood smoke will guide you towards the best kippers in Britain.

Photo 1-3 from Fortune’s archive. Photo 4 by Phil Hearing.

Whitby Attractions

After sampling the local cuisine, take a walk up the famous 199 steps. The steps first recorded mention was in 1340, through it is believed that St Hilda (c. 614–680) used the steps as a test of faith for her followers.

As you climb the steps, notice the wooden benches. When St Mary’s was still open for burials, these wooden planks were used for pall-bearers to rest, giving them their morbid name - the coffin benches.

Once you reach the top of the steps, continue past St Mary’s and turn to your right. Established nearly 1500 years ago, Whitby Abbey has been an inspiration to artists, writers and religious leaders. As an English Heritage site, Whitby Abbey has activities for the whole family, with an interactive guide, recently revamped museum and visitor centre.

#1 (Whitby for Foodies) by Vino Li
#2 (199 Steps) by
Phil Hearing
#3 (Whitby Abbey) by
Michael D Beckwith
#4 (Pier) by
Lee Jeffs